Over 100 Special Education Apps

Selected by experienced therapists and teachers!

SPED Pad is pre-loaded with over one hundred special education applications organized into fifteen categories that focus on a broad range of skills. SPED K12 adds new apps on a regular basis, and our apps are reviewed and recommended by a panel of practitioners for their use with students who have special needs. Additionally, users can search for and load supplementary apps of their choice and place them in the available categories. Learn more

Customize your SPED Pad

Deliver customized learning!

Students are sometimes distracted by the screens and content on tablets or mobile devices that clinicians use for personal purposes. SPED Pad has a unique advantage over other tablets or mobile devices because the screen can be customized so that only relevant apps are available to students. Learn more


Cut 60% of your routine paper work!

The SPED App is designed to foster efficient and effective service delivery management. Secure and user-friendly, the SPED App includes 6 key features: Student Manager, Scheduler, Lesson Plans, Therapy Logs, Analytic Charts, and Reports. SPED App makes your daily work simple, efficient and transparent. SPED App is bundled with SPED Pad. Learn more

SPED Voice

Be heard!

SPED Voice helps non-verbal children communicate and enhances their ability to integrate into the mainstream society. It's unique because it encourages children to acquire reusable words and have real conversations. Learn more

User Videos

Katelynn - Speech-language Pathologist

Ms. Katelynn provides therapy intervention to students with Autism, Asperger and Down syndrome. In this video, she speaks about how SPED Pad streamlines her work and also about quality of the apps.

Orin Di Silva - Speech-language Pathologist

Ms. Orin works in a county program with severely disabled students in middle and high school age groups. In this video, she speaks about organizing apps through the catalogue system in order to retrieve and use them to meet each unique student's needs or to serve specific populations.

Albena - Speech-language Pathologist

Ms. Albena deals with a wide range of students from pre-school to middle school. In this video, she speaks about how SPED Pad positively supports traveling to multiple sites and the power of SPED Pad when compared to general purpose tablets.

Dr. Jay Totter - Director of Speech Services

Dr. Jay is a Speech-language Pathologist with over 40 years of experience in the public school system. In this video, he speaks about the three major components of SPED Pad and ease of use.

Conrad Myers - Product Specialist

Mr. Conrad speaks about SPED Pad in general and the power of apps that helps students with special needs perform better.


SPED Pad has really made a difference with my moderate to severe students with autism. I encounter fewer behavior problems, more focus, and more verbal output from my students.

The hardest part about being an SLP is finding activities kids actually enjoy that target their specific needs. Identifying appropriate apps takes a lot of time after school hours. SPED Pad streamlines my productive time so that I can spend more time on quality service provision.

After I started using used SPED Pad in my therapy sessions, a kid who was nonverbal became very responsive and said the word "fantastic" for the first time. It was a magical and WOW moment.

There are definitely advantages for kids who are visual learners.

Great for traveling to multiple sites.

It's good to have the folders and categorizations. I set up an English folder with a high school student so we could get therapy started faster.

I used it like a book with a group of 10 preschool students.

SPED Pad has really made a difference with my moderate to severe autistic students.

It's convenient, portable and has a good collection of Apps.

It has a comprehensive collection of apps applicable to my preschool setting.

I don't have to carry around so many therapy materials. It's attractive and interactive for children.

I must say I love SPED Pad. It is a great tool to work with the little ones.

I encounter less behavior problems, more focus and more verbal output from my limited verbal students.

Independent Case study

The SPED Pad independent case study was designed by Creative Strategies for Special Education (CSSE) to obtain and analyze feedback from a cohort of professionals who used SPED Pad as a supplemental resource tool in their therapy service programs during the 2012-2013 school year.

Employing an online survey and phone interviews, CSSE obtained data regarding the following key topics:

  1. user demographics
  2. unique SPED Pad features
  3. comparison of SPED Pad to other therapy resources and tools
  4. users' application and evaluation of SPED Pad for treatment of students with disabilities and to meet workload requirements and
  5. satisfaction with pre-loaded apps.

The results confirmed that SPED Pad's design and unique features provide a valuable resource for SLPs and OTs who find themselves challenged by the demands of their school therapy roles and responsibilities.

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